What’s the Difference Between Group Coaching and Team Coaching?

As a coach, I often ask, “What’s the difference between Group Coaching and Team Coaching?”. There are some similarities but let me explain some of the distinctions. Let’s start with the things they have in common. Group and team coaching sessions involve multiple attendees. The group or team sessions by design create a time-leveraged approach, […]

How Coaching Can Serve Your Organization

Organizations spend big dollars on recruiting, hiring, train and provide support to employees. This support comes in the form of Payroll, Health Benefits, Retirement Planning, Wellness Programs, and Employee or Leadership Development. Coaching services can supplement or support the HR function in an organization. Whether it is Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, or Individual Coaching, it […]

Can You Have a Worldwide Impact?

With the modern technology age, there are more opportunities than ever to reach and connect with people all over the world. We tend to leverage giving back in local terms: volunteering, financial support, or offering our resources in our communities. While that is a fabulous way to give locally and much needed, there are also […]