What’s the Difference Between Group Coaching and Team Coaching?

As a coach, I often ask, “What’s the difference between Group Coaching and Team Coaching?”. There are some similarities but let me explain some of the distinctions. Let’s start with the things they have in common. Group and team coaching sessions involve multiple attendees. The group or team sessions by design create a time-leveraged approach, allowing for teaching or learning, coaching, feedback from participants, and Q&A opportunities. The session does not focus on one individual; however, it may include drilling down with a specific individual to benefit from the group sharing experience. Groups and teams can consist of two or more members and can range from 2 participants and up depending on the structure. Most group coaching sessions are small and quaint with 6-15 participants, and others can include a significant number of participants.

A group of individuals may or may not include people who know each other. They each come to the group with their agenda, challenges, goals, and dreams. In a team setting, this changes a bit. A team is a group of like-minded people working on a standard set of goals. The distinction here is that the sessions, while supporting individual growth, also allow for the group mission or objectives to be advanced through the coaching process.

Group coaching can benefit you if you are ready to stretch yourself and gain momentum while working with others. It’s often a precursor to advancing into one-on-one coaching, where the focus is on the individual each session.
Group and team engagement allow you to hear others’ perspectives, stories, growth, challenges, and struggles. Hearing other peoples’ journeys can motivate you to see the similarity of our struggles; you are not alone.
If you feel uncertain about how coaching may benefit you, most coaches offer a discovery session where you spend time discussing the areas of specific interest to you. The discovery session allows you and the coach to create a win-win and make a personal connection. It’s a great way to get a better feel for the coaches’ style, program details, and expectations.

Anyone can benefit from coaching, and there are so many ways to advance by going through the process to accelerate your results, having an objective partner in the process supporting you to realizing your potential. If you are interested in coaching and are unsure where to begin, you can schedule a complimentary discovery session by completing a brief questionnaire. This discovery session allows us to make the most of our time together on a first call. Connect with us at michelle@visionaryleadershipplaybook.com