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High-performance strategy, coaching, and training that builds teams create stronger leadership and improves operations. 

In the pursuit of growth, too many businesses sacrifice their team’s mental and physical wellness for the sake of growth. This approach to performance leads to a decline in morale, productivity, and a company that doesn’t experience growth. 

High performance builds companies and has clear benefits. Fully utilized, it’s the key to build a company that can withstand anything. 

The Stats Tell a Story 

• Improved productivity (an 8 percent increase in each employee’s productivity according to a 2005 National Business Group on Health report).

• Less work-related stress (up to 12 percent less likely to experience health i  

 Issues from work-related stress, according to a 2015 study by The Economist Intelligence Unit & Humana). 

• Increased employee morale and engagement in your companies mission and goals (up to 67 percent according to a 2015 study by The Economist Intelligence Unit & Humana). 

• Improved employee retention (45 percent of employees agree that an employer-sponsored wellness program would encourage them to stay in their current position reported in a Principal Financial Well-Being Index in 2013).

It takes an investment of time, effort, and commitment to shift the direction of any organization. That journey starts with a vision, mission, and commitment to growth. 

It takes a strategy that understands the power and importance of optimizing each employee. It requires solid top-down communication about harnessing high-performance.

Creating an effective business isn’t just about technology, to-do lists, or the latest trending management training. It’s about your clarity, goals, and a strategy to optimize performance. 

It’s about remembering your organization’s founding principles and staying true to the connection between your team and leadership using high-performance principles. 

“Productivity improves by 20-25% in organizations with connected employees. (The McKinsey Global Institute)” 

Too many organizations continue to rely on old-growth models that don’t harness high-performance principles. They are trying to do what has always worked — hoping it will continue to work. 

Organizations that invest in high performance create an excellent environment for highly engaged employees, better customers, motivated vendors, interested investors, and confident leaders. 

That is what high-performance training can do for your company. Our services help you define what you can do and how it will shape your business. 

• Get targeted results. What makes high-performance training so effective is how targeted it is. You can track, manage, and measure growth. 

• It’s the future. Let’s face it; we live in an ever-changing world. Everything we consume is either on our phones or computers, and that affects our performance. Being able to stay efficient in the digital age is a skill that pays dividends. 

• Evolve Change easily. Because it is easy to track, high performance gives you a ton of flexibility to accomplish your business goals. You’re not stuck with old models that are no longer effective. You can change and adjust your strategy.


Key High Performance Growth Strategy

 Our mission here at Creativity Playbook is to establish clarity about what needs to get done and the accountability to make sure you do it. 

We can help you eliminate overwhelm, destroy employee self-sabotage, get laser-focused, and get more done through our signature approach. 

What We Offer

Strategy Consulting 

We offer comprehensive training on the latest and most effective high-performance strategies. Our consulting service provides strategy, education, and an implementable plan. We teach you how to bring together people, technology, growth, and systems.  

Performance Assessments 

A customized assessment that gives you a snapshot of your current level. It will provide instant data you can use to incorporate high performance more efficiently. This custom assessment will point out areas of improvement and highlight blind spots to roadmap the future.


To maximize performance, each employee engaging in high-performance initiatives is important. Research shows that organizations that unleash the potential of high performance innovate faster and see better results. We work with companies to build their full potential.

Workshops and Executive Coaching

We offer workshops and coaching on:

• High Performance

• Clearing Mental Blocks

• Mastering Efficiency

• Team Building

• Leadership Development

Tap Into High Performance 

We understand that every organization is unique. We also appreciate that one-size-fits-all solutions are not effective or sustainable. Not every organization is looking for a comprehensive training program.

That is why we offer flexible options and stand-alone services, and training to meet your needs and budget, no matter your business’s size. 

We leverage decades of experience and best practices with a hands-on approach to help organizations optimize overall performance while providing bottom-line savings. We can customize a solution that works for you. 

We can help you:

• Enhance top performance via understanding and development of skills and techniques that increase performance and build teams. 

• Work with you to create a culture of productivity and high performance. 

• Provide a framework to assess your current state to ensure setup for success. 

• Support you in developing a strategic growth plan. 

• Get clarity on what’s important and set your goals accordingly. 

• Set priorities to support your goals and drive results. 

• Support you in conducting weekly focus sessions to keep your team on target.

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