How Coaching Can Serve Your Organization

Organizations spend big dollars on recruiting, hiring, train and provide support to employees. This support comes in the form of Payroll, Health Benefits, Retirement Planning, Wellness Programs, and Employee or Leadership Development.

Coaching services can supplement or support the HR function in an organization. Whether it is Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, or Individual Coaching, it can pay big dividends to invest dollars to support your organization’s Human Capital.

Perhaps your HR Organization is small; coaching is a great way to supplement employee development while minimizing the cost of adding FTE’s and long-term dollars to the bottom line.

Supplementing support through a coach can be a short or long-term engagement, depending on your focus. Maybe your team is larger with in-house learning and development programs; these are great options but not nearly as effective as working with a coach one-on-one, group, or team setting to accelerate progress.

Often, organizations focus on grooming high potentials or high performers; coaching can be a fantastic option to accelerate learning and development and elevate a future leader or individuals’ performance. Coaching can also be a great tool to leverage when self-discovery, performance, or future outcomes require change; the cost to invest in coaching is much smaller than replacing an FTE.

Sometimes employers offer Employee Assistance Programs with counseling and professional referrals such as Legal support. Coaching is distinctly different from EAP Assistance and can also play a role in supporting employees. Employees report they are reluctant to use EAP services because they don’t need counseling per se or have concerns that it is not confidential. Coaching can help employees with a future focus, outcome-based approach compared to counseling, where the focus is often to resolve past issues.

The cost of coaching an employee versus replacement costs such as recruiting, hiring, training, and developing a new candidate is, by comparison, a small investment. There are so many products and services a coach can bring to an organization to support improved communication, relationships, assessments, and performance.

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