Can You Have a Worldwide Impact?

With the modern technology age, there are more opportunities than ever to reach and connect with people all over the world. We tend to leverage giving back in local terms: volunteering, financial support, or offering our resources in our communities. While that is a fabulous way to give locally and much needed, there are also plenty of opportunities to help others worldwide.

Aspiring dreamers and entrepreneurs can benefit from simple things like a quick insight you can share, a conversation, a recommendation for a supplier, technology, connection, or just a tiny amount of your time to brainstorm and talk something through. What knowledge, skill, or experiences have you accumulated that you could share with another just getting started?

One of my visions is to connect with women worldwide, supporting their dreams and goals. Recently, I became acquainted with someone halfway across the globe who requested support; my immediate reaction was, “How can I help this person?”. There were communication barriers and technical issues that made me hesitant initially, but I challenged myself to step up. As we went along and made a personal connection, I agreed to do what I could and see what developed. We began to exchange emails back and forth on an idea she had. As the weeks went by, I could see from the responses the impact this was having on this person’s life. Today, she has completely transformed her career and launched a new business with a broader vision than she ever thought possible for herself. Together, we unlocked her vision and made her dream job a reality; I supported her with a small amount of knowledge and support that elevated her belief and passion.

Sometimes we think we don’t have enough time, money, or resources to lend a hand and lift someone up; the reality is we all have life experiences, skills, and knowledge where someone else can benefit. When was the last time you challenged yourself to give back a little of yourself? Comment below and share what makes giving back profound to you?